In Trans-Pacific Exchange & Advisory we aim to tap into the important business opportunities developing in Asia Pacific and Latin America, closing the gap between the producers and consumers of both regions
Our mission is to boost the export capacity of Latin America, making its presence felt through its high-quality products, in the most important markets of Asia Pacific.
The recent entry into force of the CPTPP offers unprecedented business opportunities. By bringing under the same umbrella countries form different regions with distinct production cycles and unique consumers market, business opportunities are unmatched.

We have market knowledge and experience form both, Asian and Latin American spectrums.
TPX is a multidisciplinary team of professionals who have lived and worked with diverse regional cultures and work environments.

We understand the Asian business standards and maintain an extensive network of partners in the region
We know that every project is unique. That is why we offer tailored services to each of our clients. Each project receives the full attention of our team, from the preliminary analysis until project completion.

We help you design and execute your project objectives through customized and specialized services that accommodate your specific business needs and adapt to the dynamic market we live in today.
We appreciate the importance of being close to our clients. That is why, through our offices in Singapore and Mexico City, we can deal directly with each link in the chain of production, transportation, and delivery of products in an efficient and safely manner.

We believe that, with the correct positioning strategy, any market is accessible.
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