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Let us help you execute your ideas and expand your business.
We know that every project is unique. In TPX we offer tailored services for each of our clients.
Every project receives the full attention of our team, from preliminary analysis until project completion.
Import and Export solutions
Based on a thorough analysis of global trade trends, regional consumption preference, and changing economic and political landscapes, we identify risks and opportunities to anticipate and exploit commercial prospects to our client's advantage.

We help you design your business international expansion and execute your project objectives through customized and specialized services that aim to integrate your company and specific business needs in the dynamic markets of Asia Pacific and Latin America.
In the initial phase, we review your product potential based on the existing trade barriers of the objective market, certifications, licenses, logistics and any other possible development to mitigate unexpected hindrances.

Utilizing our logistics network, we implement the best distribution platform so that your products can reach the final consumer in the safest and most cost-efficient way.
TPX engagement options depending on the risk distribution and responsibility allocation best suited for the clients' needs:
We guide you
TPX supports and guides the client in their import or export activities, suggesting an efficient logistics process, guiding on domestic best practices, and serving as intermediaries between maritime or air freight, customs agents, and logistics support in the destination port.
We partner up
TPX and the client form an association in which risks, and responsibilities are shared between the two parts. This setup entails TPX financing a percentage of the costs of delivery, loading charges, customs formalities, and merchandise value.
We buy the product
Through strategic negotiations between TPX and the client, we purchase the merchandise in question and take full ownership of the cargo, resulting in TPX absorbing the totality of costs and responsibilities of the import/export operation.
Guidance in the creation and registration of companies in Singapore
By coordinating with TPX, the process of registering a foreign company in Singapore will take a maximum of 2 weeks.
With our support, the client would be able to complete the registration process of registering their company without the necessity to travel to Singapore.
Perks of registering a company in Singapore
Corporate tax of 17%
of net income.

Second country in Southeast Asia with the lowest corporate taxes.
Grants tax incentive for new businesses applicable up to 75% of net income tax-free.
Our services
Incorporation in Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) with common seal and statutory records.
Coordination of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and presentation of documents to ACRA regulatory body.
Assistance in preparing the tax calculation in accordance with Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) stipulations and drafting of financial statements.
Annual maintenance of accounting books and annual generation of management accounts.
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